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We think it is important that we can offer our patients a wide variety of dental treatments.

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Wij vinden het belangrijk dat wij een onze patiënten een grote diversiteit van behandelingen kunnen aanbieden.

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Periodic check-up

During the periodic check-up, your dentist will evaluate the status of your oral health. The dentists of our team will evaluate the presence of caries and the condition of your gums. If present, dental prosthesis, crowns, bridges or implants may also be checked.

Minimally invasive caries treatment

Our dentist’s are trained in minimal invasive techniques for caries treatment. The techniques consist on using the smallest instruments in the market for only removing the affected tooth structure and to preserve the anatomy of the teeth. We use multiple tooth-coloured filling materials to repair the damaged tooth structure in a way that the filling blends naturally. Therefore, no one will be able to make a difference between the real tooth and the filling. We use multiple colors of filling material to restore the damaged tooth structure. Therefore, no one will be able to notice the difference between the real tooth and the filling.

Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or became infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. With the latest advances in technology, like 3D x-rays (CBCT), digital root canal cleaning devices and magnification loupes, we can enhance our precision and provide long-lasting results. We believe that saving teeth from being extracted should always be an alternative.

Dental anxiety treatment

Going to the dentist is exciting and so exciting for a small group of patients that they actually don't dare to visit the dentist. We explain everything in detail, plan extra time and make treatment plans tailored to your wishes. It is nice if you indicate that you have dental anxiety, then we will take this into account.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are intended to repair extremely damaged teeth. They can be used to restore the esthetics of the teeth and also their function. With the latest advances in technology, they can be fabricated faster, more durable and also natural looking. With our intra-oral scanner we are able to register the anatomy of the mouth with high precision and avoid dental impressions with unpleasant gel like materials. Our robotic 3D milling machine will then be able to fabricate the crowns automatically. In most cases, our clients may receive their crowns in only one appointment! 

Oral hygiene and prevention

Prevention is better than a cure! Having clean teeth is not only fresh but also benefits your health. The dental hygienist helps to guide your oral health as much as possible. She is an expert in the field of gum treatments, dental cleaning and gives advice on how to maintain your teeth optimally.

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