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The rates for dental treatment are set each year by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA). 
This means that every dentist charges the same rates for the treatment performed.Please contact your health care provider for the exact reimbursement of the treatment.

View the rates below.

Rates Treatments 2021

I Consultation and diagnostic (C)

a. Diagnostic examination
C11Periodic check-up€ 22,91
C13Problem-oriented consultation€ 22,91
C91Pocket registration€ 36,18
C92Periodontal registration€ 72,35
b. Additional diagnostic examination
C22Written medical history€ 22,91
C28Extensive examination for the purpose of making and establishing a treatment plan€ 108,53
C29*Study models for the purpose of a treatment plan€ 30,15
C65Systematic polishing of all anterior teeth, per upper jaw or lower jaw€ 60,29
c. Surcharges and miscellaneous charges
C80Oral care at home€ 18,09
C85Treatment on the weekend€ 22,91
C86Treatment on the evening€ 22,91
C87Treatment at night€ 22,91

II Making and or evaluating X-rays (X)

X10Small x-ray€ 16,88
X11Evaluating small x-ray€ 12,66
X21Making and evaluating panoramic x-ray€ 72,35
X22Making and evaluating panoramic x-ray for the purpose of dental implants in a toothless jaw€ 72,35
X23Evaluating panoramic x-ray€ 26,53
X24Cranial x-ray€ 32,56
X34Evaluating cranial x-ray€ 24,12
X25Making and evaluating a 3d-xray€ 204,99
X26Evaluating a 3d-xray€ 60,29

III Preventive oral care (M)

M01Preventive dental health instructions, price per 5 minutes€ 13,52
M02Consultation for evaluating preventive oral care, price per 5 minutes€ 13,52
M03Dental cleaning, price per 5 minutes€ 13,52
M05Non restorative treatment of caries in primary teeth€ 27,13
M32 */**Basic bacteriological examination€ 18,09
M30Treatment of sensitive tooth necks€ 6,03
M40Fluoride treatment€ 15,07
M61*Mouth-guard€ 27,13
M80*Treatment of white spots, first element€ 52,45
M81*Treatment of white spots, next element€ 28,94

IV Anesthesia (A)

A10Block anaesthesia and/or infiltration anaesthesia€ 15,07
A15Local anesthesia€ 7,84

VI Fillings (V)

V91One surface composite filling€ 48,23
V92Two surface composite filling€ 63,31
V93Three surface composite filling€ 75,37
V94Four or more surfaces composite filling€ 96,47
V15Direct composite veneer of one surface€ 72,35
V30Sealant on first element€ 27,13
V35Sealant on every next element in the same session€ 15,07
V40Polishing and adjusting the shape of old fillings€ 6,03
V50Keeping teeth dry by means of a rubber dam€ 12,06
V80*Intra-cannal post€ 21,10
V85*Each next intra-cannal post in the same tooth€ 9,04

VII Root canal treatments (E)

a. Examination, diagnostics and treatment planning
E01Root canal treatment consultation€ 22,91
E02Extensive root canal treatment consultation€ 42,20
E03Consultation following a dental accident€ 33,16
b. Root canal treatment
E60*Entirely or partly removing pulp tissue€ 48,23
E04Surcharge for expenses incurred by using rotating nickel-titanium instruments€ 48,84
E13Root canal treatment per element with 1 canal€ 108,53
E14Root canal treatment per element with 2 canals€ 156,76
E16Root canal treatment per element with 3 canals€ 204,99
E17Root canal treatment per element with 4 canals€ 253,23
E85Electronic length determination€ 15,07
E19Insertion of calcium hydroxide per element, per session€ 18,09
E66Root canal treatment of milk tooth€ 48,23
E51Removal of crown or bridge€ 36,18
E52Difficult root canal treatment€ 30,15
E53Removal of an intracanal post€ 42,20
E54Removal of root-canal filling material€ 30,15
E55Treatment of a clogged or calcified root canal€ 30,15
E56*Treatment of a root canal with iatrogenic damage€ 42,20
E57Treatment of an element with exceptional anatomy€ 30,15
E63*Surcharge for closure with MTA or other bio-ceramic materials€ 45,22
E64Closure of open root apex€ 48,23
E77Initial root canal treatment, first canal€ 60,29
E78Initial root canal treatment, every next canal€ 30,15
E97*External bleaching per arch€ 75,37
E40Direct pulp capping€ 30,15
E42Replacing a displaced element after a dental accident€ 12,06
E43*Securing an element by means of a retainer after a dental accident€ 24,12
E44Removal of a retainer€ 6,03
E45Placing a rubber dam€ 12,06
E31Micro-surgical endodontic treatment incisor and canine€ 120,58
E32Micro-surgical endodontic treatment premolaar€ 168,82
E33Micro-surgical endodontic treatment molaar€ 217,05
E34*Placing a retrograde filling€ 24,12
E36*Extraction of an element with re-implantation€ 84,41
E37Exploratory surgery€ 72,35
E88Filling of the pulp chamber and closure of the root canals€ 60,29
E86Use of microscope€ 81,39
E87Making the treatment room ready for a root canal treatment€ 60,29


VIII Crowns and bridges (R)

a. Crowns
R14Surcharge for extra retention for the placement of indirect restorations€ 30,15
R24*Crown over tooth€ 265,28
R34*Crown over implant€ 241,17
R31Core of plastic material€ 60,29
b. Bridges
R40*First Pontic€ 180,88
R45*Second or next Pontic within the same bridge section€ 90,44
R49Surcharge for bridge over five or more tooth abutments€ 150,73
R60*Adhesive bridge without preparation€ 120,58
R61*Adhesive bridge with preparation€ 180,88
R65Surcharge in an adhesive bridge for every next pontic in the same bridge section€ 42,20
R66Surcharge in an adhesive bridge for every next pontic in the same bridge section€ 24,12
c. Miscellaneous restorations
R70Surcharge for crown under an existing frame anchor€ 66,32
R71*Repairing with a veneer a damaged metal porcelain crown in the mouth€ 66,32
R74*Re-cementing fixed restorations€ 24,12
R75*Re-cementing adhesive bridge€ 60,29
R77Difficult removal of old crown or bridge per tooth abutment€ 30,15
d. Temporary measures
R80*Temporary crown, first element€ 30,15
R85*Temporary crown, every next element or pontic€ 12,06
R90*Partially completed workDepending on the stage of the treatment

IX Mandibular joint treatment (G)

G10Non-standard bite registration€ 90,44
G12Determination of centric relationship€ 84,41
G13Registration of protrusive and lateral movement€ 60,29
G14Setting a fully adjustable articulator pantograph and registration€ 542,63
G20Intraoral bite registration€ 60,29
G09Oclussal analysis measurement using digital equipment€ 32,56
G15Surcharge for maintaining the vertical dimension€ 30,15
G65*Indirect planmatig inslijpen€ 331,61
G69*Oclusal Splint€ 66,32
G33*Palatal veneers for restoring appropriate function€ 60,29

X Surgical procedures (H)

H11Extraction of a tooth or molar€ 45,22
H16Extraction of the next tooth in the same appointment and in the same quadrant€ 33,76
H21Costs of suturing material€ 6,18
H26Suturing soft tissues€ 66,32
H50Repositioning or placing back first element excluding root canal treatment€ 60,29
H55Repositioning or placing back next element excluding root canal treatment€ 18,09
H90Preparing treatment room for performing surgical procedures€ 60,29
H33Hemisection fo a molar€ 72,35
H35Difficult extraction of tooth or molar with flap elevation€ 72,35
H40Correcting the shape of the jaw, per jaw€ 54,26
H41Removing frenulum inside the upper lip or the frenulum of the tongue€ 36,18
H42Root apex surgery, per root without closure€ 72,35
H43Root apex surgery per root with retrograde or antegrade closure€ 96,47
H44Primary antrum closure€ 66,32
H70Irritation fibroma, flappy ridge or similar soft tissue correction per one side of the jaw€ 84,41
H75Irritation fibroma, flappy ridge or similar sof tissue correction two sides of jaw€ 162,79
H80Alveolotomy torus, preprosthetic bone corrections one side of the jaw€ 114,55
H85Alveolotomy torus, preprosthetic bone corrections two sides of the jaw€ 192,93

XI Dentures (P)

P60Extensive examination to the functioning of existing dentures€ 36,18
P65Systematic adjustment of the existing denture€ 30,15
P17Surcharge for bite registration with specific equipment€ 60,29
P10*Removal partial denture, 1-4 elementen€ 90,44
P15*Removal partial denture, 5-13 elementen€ 180,88
P16Surcharge for individual impression with rim construction for partial denture made of synthetic resin€ 66,32
P18Surcharge for cast anchor for partial denture made of synthetic resin€ 18,09
P34*Removable partial denture with framework, 1-4 elementen€ 247,20
P35*Removable partial denture with framework, 5-13 elementen€ 337,64
P31*Root cap with pin€ 150,73
P32Surcharge for making a precision connection per connection in a bar€ 90,44
P33Surcharge for placing a telescopic crown with precision attachment€ 60,29
P40Surcharge for immediate denture, price increases by the number of removed teeth that a re immediately replaced€ 15,07
P45*Emergency denture€ 120,58
a. Complete dentures
P21*Complete denture upper jaw€ 180,88
P25*Complete denture lower jaw€ 241,17
P30*Complete dentures upper and lower jaw€ 391,90
P36Individual impression without rim construction€ 30,15
P14Individual impression with rim construction€ 66,32
P27Re-oclusion€ 60,29
P37Mounting front teeth in a separate session€ 36,18
P28Re-registration and remounting€ 60,29
P38Surcharge for determination of the vertical dimension by means of specific equipment€ 66,32
P39Surcharge for determination of the neutral zone€ 90,44
P41Surcharge for relining of alginate impression€ 30,15
P42Surcharge for specific A zone determination€ 30,15
P43Surcharge for extra bite registration with wax rims€ 36,18
P29Surcharge for each element in an over-denture€ 48,23
P06Tissue conditioning complete denture, per arch€ 42,20
P01*Rebasing complete denture, indirectly without border moulding€ 42,20
P02*Rebasing complete denture, indirectly with border moulding€ 90,44
P03Rebasing complete denture, directly without border moulding€ 60,29
P04*Rebasing complete denture, directly with border moulding€ 90,44
P70*Rebasing over-denture over tooth abutments, per arch€ 168,82
P07*Repairing complete denture without impression, per arch€ 18,09
P08*Repairing complete denture with impression, per arch€ 48,23
P56Tissue conditioning for partial denture with or without framework, per arch€ 42,20
P51*Rebasing removal partial denture, with or without framework, indirectly without border moulding€ 42,20
P52*Rebasing removal partial denture, with or without framework, indirectly with border moulding€ 90,44
P53*Rebasing removal partial denture, with or without framework, directly without border moulding€ 60,29
P54*Rebasing removal partial denture, with or without framework, directly with border moulding€ 90,44
P57*Repairing partial denture / frame denture, without impression€ 18,09
P58*Repairing partial / frame denture, with impression€ 48,23
P78*Extending partial denture with an element or elements until complete denture including impression€ 48,23
P79*Extending partial denture with an element or anchor including impression€ 48,23

XII Gum treatments (T)

a. Treatment in patients with gum deseases
T012Examination of gums with periodontium status€ 174,85
T021Thorough cleaning of root per element, complex€ 32,56
T022Thorough cleaning of root per element, standart€ 24,12
T032Re-examination with periodontal status, after initial gum treatment€ 108,53
T033Extensively discussing follow-up treatment after re-examination€ 66,32
T042Brief consultation aftercare gum treatment€ 91,64
T043Extended consultation aftercare gum treatment€ 121,79
T044Complex consultation aftercare gum treatment€ 162,19
T070Periodontal flap surgery between 2 teeth€ 195,95
T071Periodontal flap surgery, per sextant (one-sixth part)€ 301,46
T072Extensive periodontal flap surgery, per sextant (one-sixth part)€ 361,75
T073Direct postoperative care, brief€ 60,29
T074Direct postoperative care, extensive€ 162,19
T076Tuber or retromolar plastics€ 75,37
b. Periodontal treatment in other situations
T101Tuber or retromolar plastics€ 105,51
T102Gingivectomy per element€ 57,28
T103Gingivectomy, per sextant€ 150,73
T111*Placing regeneration material as an individual procedure, per sextant€ 361,75
T112*Placing regeneration material as a non- individual procedure, simultaneously to the periodontal flap surgery in the same sextant, per element€ 120,58
T113Surgical removal of regeneratieve material€ 195,95
T121Crown lenghtening per element€ 195,95
T122Crown lengthening per sextant€ 361,75
T141Soft tissue graft transplant€ 114,55
T142*Root coverage procedure, per sextant€ 361,75
T151Direct postoperative care, brief€ 60,29
T152Direct postoperative care, extensive€ 162,19
T161 **Bacteriological examination for periodontal treatment€ 42,20
T162Treatment of periodontal abscess€ 81,39
T163*Applying local medicament€ 65,12
T164*Retainer€ 24,12
T165Extensieve dietary analysis€ 60,29

XIII Implants

J97Overhead costs implant surgery, periimplantitis treatment or for autotransplantation€ 179,60
J98Overhead costs pre-implant surgery€ 101,64
J01Initial examination Implantology€ 66,88
J02*Extended examination Implantology€ 102,90
J03*Trial element/s and surgical guide€ 138,91
J05Implant positioning on CBCT software€ 46,30
J09*Elevating sinus floor, first half of jaw€ 246,95
J10*Elevating sinus floor, second half of jaw during the same session€ 154,35
J11Preparing donor section€ 138,91
J12*Horizontal or vertical bone augmentation in front section of the first half of the jaw€ 149,20
J13*Horizontal or vertical bone augmentation in the second half of jaw during the same session€ 72,03
J06Exposing mental foramen€ 30,87
J15*Horizontal or vertical bone augmentation in front section of the first half of the jaw, simultaneously with implant placement€ 87,46
J17*Elevating sinus floor, simultaneously with implant placement€ 133,77
J18*Vertical sinus floor augmentation€ 61,74
J19Surcharge for aesthetic zone€ 66,88
J20Placing first implant, per arch€ 235,12
J28Placing next implant per arch€ 97,24
J23*Placing healing abutment€ 77,17
J29*Placing next healing abutment€ 36,53
J26Difficult removal of an implant€ 169,78
J36Removal of an implant€ 33,96
J27Replacing first implant€ 235,12
J37Replacing next implant€ 97,24
J39Perform autotransplantation€ 179,56
J88Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis, per sextant€ 179,56
J07Surcharge for disposable implant drills or surcharge for the cost of disposable parts of a implant removal setkostprijs
J08*Placing bone-graft in extraction socket€ 20,58
J30Connective tissue graft transplant€ 108,04
J81Obtaining and processing blood into a regenerative biomaterial by means of a venipuncture€ 115,76
J32*Removing fractured abutment/fixation screw€ 118,33
J33Cost of implant€ 330,87
J34Determination of implant stability by means of isq-measurement€ 10,29
J35Throughly submucosal cleaning the implant€ 24,18
J87*Temporary crown over immediately placed implant€ 267,53
J45*Placing of first overdenture attachment€ 123,48
J41*Placing of next overdenture attachment€ 36,01
J42*Bar between 2 implants in the same arch€ 210,94
J43*Each next bar between implants in the same arch€ 66,88
J44*Abutment placement for implant crown€ 25,72
J50*Simultaneous placement of implant over-denture and a denture in the oppossing arch€ 529,92
J51*Lower implant overdenture€ 344,71
J52*Upper implant overdenture€ 344,71
J53*Transforming denture into an implant overdenture€ 102,90
J54*Transforming denture into a 2-implant bar-retained overdenture€ 133,77
J55*Transforming denture into a 3-4 implant bar-retained overdenture€ 154,35
J56*Transforming denture into a (more than 4 implants) bar-retained overdenture€ 180,07
J57Surcharge for replacing an overdenture over an already placed bar supported by 2 implants€ 87,46
J58Surcharge for replacing an overdenture over an already placed bar supported by 2-4 implants€ 113,19
J59Surcharge for replacing an overdenture over an already placed bar supported by more than 4 implants€ 138,91
J60Specific consultation aftercare implantology€ 56,59
J61Extensive consultation aftercare implantology€ 92,61
J70*Rebasing without bar detachment€ 144,06
J71*Rebasing with bar detachment (over 2 implants)€ 180,07
J72*Rebasing with bar detachment (over 3-4 implants)€ 205,79
J73*Rebasing with bar detachment (more than 4 implants)€ 231,52
J74*Repairing without bar detachment€ 56,59
J75*Repairing with bar detachment (over 2 implants)€ 108,04
J76*Repairing with bar detachment (over 3-4 implants)€ 133,77
J77*Repairing with bar detachment (more 4 implants)€ 159,49
J78*Removing and replacing for overdenture attachments€ 25,72
J802 implant in the lower jar for an implant-supported denture€ 523,75

Laboratorium Rate list 2021

I Consultation and Diagnostics

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
C29 / Study models for treatment plan€ 50,00

€ 920,00

III Preventive oral care

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
M32 / Simple bacteriological examination€ 59,00€ 59,00
M61 / Mouthguard€ 50,00€ 90,00
M80, M81 / Treatment of white spots€ 70,00€ 70,00

VI Fillings

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
V80, V85 / Root canal post€ 16,00€ 16,00

VII Root canal treatments

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
E60 / Total or partial removal of pulp tissue €       13,00 €       13,00
E63 / Surcharge for closing with, for example, MTA €       13,00 €       13,00
E97 / External bleaching per jaw €       70,00 €       90,00
E43 / Fixing element by means of a splint after an accident €       17,00 €       25,00
E34 / Apply retrograde filling €       13,00 €       13,00
E36 / Drawing of an element with re-implantation €       30,00 €       38,00
E56 / Continued treatment for tissue damage of the tooth root €       13,00 €       13,00

VIII Crowns and Bridges

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
R24 / Crown, facing or overlays (Partial crown) on natural element €     185,00 €     640,00
R40, R45 / Intermediate bridge section €     292,00 €     640,00
R34 / Crown on implant €     429,00 €     640,00
R60 / R61 / Slab bridge €       85,00 €     640,00
R71 / Renewal porcelain shield €     185,00 €     185,00
R74 / Re-tightening non-plastic restorations €       21,00 €       21,00
R75 / Re-fix adhesive bridge €       21,00 €       21,00
R80, R85 / Temporary supply €       66,00 €     150,00

IX Temporomandibular joint treatments

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
G69 / Bite plate €       73,00 €     155,00

XI Dentures

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
P10 / Partial dentures 1 element €     200,00 €     274,00
P15 / Partial dentures 5-13 teeth €     290,00 €     392,00
P34 / Frame dentures 1-4 elements €     575,00 €     579,00
P35 / Frame dentures 5-13 elements €     615,00 €     659,00
P45 / Emergency dentures €     350,00 €     351,00
P30 / Complete dentures above and below €     650,00 €     812,00
P21, P25 / Complete dentures above or below €     350,00 €     439,00
P01, P02, P03, P04, P70 / Complete denture filling €       95,00 €       98,00
P51, P52, P53, P54 / Filling partial teeth €       95,00 €       98,00
P07, P08 / Complete denture repair €       70,00 €       80,00
P57, P58 / Repair partial dentures €     165,00 €     237,00
P78, P79 / Extension partial denture €     237,00 €     237,00

XII Gum treatments

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
T111, T112 / Application of periodontal regeneration material €     470,00 €     470,00
T93 / Bacteriological examination €       59,00 €       65,00
T57 / Apply topical medication €       20,00 €       20,00
T95 / (Wire)splint €       17,00 €       34,00

XIII Implants

Nza code and descriptionFromUp to
J02 / Extended implantology research €       50,00 €       72,00
J03 / Test setup €     239,00 €     959,00
J08 / Applying bone substitutes €     263,00 €     322,00
J09, J10 / Raised sinus floor €     160,00 €     380,00
J12, J13 / Jaw widening and / or elevation of jaw half or front region in the same session €     144,00 €     680,00
J15 / Jaw widening and/or elevation of jaw half or front region €     347,00 €     680,00
J17 / Additional raising of the bottom €     158,00 €     380,00
J18 / Raised sinus ortho degree €     158,00 €     158,00
J23, J29 / Places of healing abutment €       48,00 €       48,00
J42, 43 / Rod for implants €  1.502,00 €  2.585,00
J44 / Placing the superstructure for the implant crown €     150,00 €     250,00
J45, J41 / Place push button €     121,00 €     130,00
J50 / Complete dentures above with click dentures below €  1.072,00 €  1.072,00
J51 / Under click dentures €     725,00 €     725,00
J52 / Above click denture €     725,00 €     725,00
J53 / Click denture conversion €     300,00 €     300,00
J87 / Temporary crown on implant placed immediately  €     150,00 €     160,00


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